A day Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Adventure in Kathmandu

Experience the thrill of mountain biking in Kathmandu with routes designed for riders of all levels. Apex Asia Holidays and Broad Adventure both offer standard-level routes that cater to cycling enthusiasts. Our recommended route is perfect for everyone who loves cycling, starting from Balaju and including the remote town of Madkhu, Jhor, and the religious site of Budhanilkantha.

This exhilarating trip ascends to an altitude of 2200 meters, offering stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas, terraced fields, and the vibrant semi-rural culture just outside the bustling city. The trail winds through national parks along rambling single tracks, where lucky riders might spot some wildlife. Enjoy birdwatching and the soothing sounds of chirping birds as you ride. Along the way, you’ll meet local people and see a mix of urban and rural houses.

A highlight of the route is the visit to the Budhanilkantha Temple, a significant Hindu site. According to myth, Lord Vishnu drank poison that emerged from the sea churning by Lord Shiva and came here to sleep to tolerate the burning. The sleeping statue of Lord Vishnu is a must-see.

A day mountain biking tour in Kathmandu is an essential experience, perfect for anyone visiting the city. For those with more time, the Kathmandu Outskirt Tour offers an extended adventure. Embark on this journey to explore the beauty and culture of Kathmandu from a unique perspective.