Responsible Travel

Broad Adventure is a tour operator based in Nepal. It is a company of local experts who have been working in responsible tourism for more than 15 years. We promote the local and untouched, unidentified destinations, findings the new hiking trails/ routes, minimizes the negative impacts on the environment, economy, and local culture value. We support the local communities and projects to be sustained by tourism.

Policy Goals

Our main goal is to promote local communities and products to develop and establish sustainable tourism with positive change and take responsibility for the well-being of the wider society. Save the environment.

Environmental Policy

Our ecotourism exercise is continuing to improve the way of traveling in minimizing the impact on the environment.

  • We do have led bulbs in the office that can save energy.
  • We do not print and waste papers, email in the office. Instead of printing media, we are running E-brochures and newsletters.
  • For camping treks, we use gases instead of firewood.
  • We always make clean campsite as we found before we camp.
  • We always request our clients use re-usable packing containers and water bottles while packing the gear.
  • Our team is aware of polluting the water sources.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and avoid using plastics.
  • ¬†Conserve water resources and protect them from being polluted.

Economic responsibility

  • Promote the local communities and tourist attraction destinations of Nepal.
  • Employ all local staff; for official works and in the field.
  • Supports local merchants by enhancing their skills providing guidelines in sustainable tourism, and helping them find out the markets.
  • Encourage locals to participate, create and promote local art and culture, which can be a source of income.
  • We stay at local guesthouses/mountain lodges during our trekking and tours.

Social Responsibility

  • We promote community-based tourism such as homestay trips and volunteer trips in rural villages that involve farming, teaching, and so on.
  • We deliver the appropriate information about the local culture and traditions. Always respect their social and religious beliefs.¬†
  • We regularly notice our clients about the recent social and political of Nepal. And, we provide adequate information about the practices of monuments, temples, and stupas before the tour starts.
  • We organize all our tours in a socially responsible and ethical manner.