Lumbini Tour

Lumbini, revered as a pivotal Buddhist site, marks the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Buddhism’s founder. Born Prince Siddhartha Gautama of the Shakya Dynasty in 623 BC, his journey began in Lumbini’s gardens. Renouncing royal life, he sought enlightenment through deep meditation, eventually founding Buddhism.

Emperor Ashoka of India commemorated his visit to Lumbini by erecting inscribed pillars not only there but also in Niglihawa and Gotihawa. These sites were further acknowledged in the writings of Seng-Tsai, Fa-Hsien in the 4th century, and Hsuan-Tsang in the 7th century, who mentioned temples and stupas in their records.

The heart of Lumbini is the Mayadevi Temple, adjacent to a hallowed pool known as Puskarni and a sacred garden. This site, where Buddha first bathed, marks his exact birthplace. The temple, amidst a serene landscape of trees and ancient foundations, stands as a testament to this pivotal moment in history.

Lumbini’s tour is a renowned spiritual and archaeological journey in Nepal. Its archaeological wonders chronicle various episodes of Buddha’s life. The site is also notable for its international array of temples, each reflecting the unique architectural style of its contributing country, drawing thousands of visitors annually.

Beyond the Mayadevi Temple, 27km west lies Tilaurakot, believed to be the Shakya Kingdom’s capital and worth exploring. This site showcases ancient stupas and monasteries built from kiln-burnt bricks and clay mortar, dating from the 4th century BC to the 2nd century AD.


Kathmandu Valley Highlights Tour

The Kathmandu Valley Highlights Tour offers an immersive journey through this enchanting region, focusing on the intricate artistry of the Newar community, the valley’s predominant inhabitants. From the majestic durbar squares to serene hilltop temples, this tour captures the essence of Nepal’s glorious heritage and timeless beauty.

The Kathmandu, situated at an altitude of 1345 meters, serves as the vibrant capital city of Nepal. Renowned for its historical treasures, lively cultures, pagoda temples, religious sites, and bustling streets, Kathmandu is often referred to as the “City of Mandir.”

The city boasts a rich tapestry of over a thousand temples within the valley, formed by the amalgamation of three small states: Kantipur, Bhaktapur, and Patan, following King Prithivi Narayan Shah’s unification of Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley Highlight Tour encapsulates the essence of history, religion, and culture, primarily focusing on the Newar community, the valley’s predominant inhabitants.

Kathmandu Durbar Square, strategically located in the heart of the city near the tourist hub Thamel, was the palace where King Prithivi Narayan Shah established the Kingdom after moving it from Gorkha. The square features Kumari Ghar, the residence of the living goddess, chosen from the Shakya family. This girl, symbolizing purity, receives worship from the nation’s head, a tradition that has transitioned from the king to the president.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square stands out as the largest royal palace among Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur, showcasing exotic arts, the tallest temple, the golden temple, the 55 Windows Durbar, and remarkable pottery works. Meanwhile, Patan Durbar Square is renowned for its intricate wood carving and vibrant Newari culture, with the stone temple Krishna Mandir being a well-known landmark.

The Kathmandu Valley Highlights Tour also encompasses religious sites such as Pashupati, Bouddha, Swyambhu, Daskhinkali, and Changu Narayan, offering a blend of spirituality and natural beauty. Nagarkot, a nearby hill station, is famed for its panoramic sunrise views over the Himalayas.

This comprehensive tour ensures the exploration of all major highlights of the Kathmandu Valley, providing a captivating journey through its cultural, historical, and natural wonders.

Nepal Adventure Tour

Nepal stands as a premier destination for adventure tourism, offering a limitless array of thrilling activities such as Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Mountain Flights, Jungle Safaris, and Zip Lining.

Adventure seekers will find Nepal’s outdoor activities unparalleled. Below are the highlights of an Adventure Tour in Nepal:

Mountain Flight

Embark on a breathtaking journey above the Himalayas with a mountain flight originating from Kathmandu. This hour-long flight offers unparalleled views of the world’s highest peaks, including Mt. Everest, allowing travelers to explore the majesty of the Himalayas from a bird’s-eye view.


Nepal’s rivers, known for their vigorous currents, provide thrilling rafting experiences. The government has authorized rafting in sixteen rivers, with the Trishuli River being the most accessible from Kathmandu. Other notable rivers for rafting include the Bhotekoshi and Karnali.


Experience the beauty of Pokhara from the skies with a paragliding adventure. Glide over the city, Phewa Lake, and the surrounding mountains, enjoying views comparable to those of an eagle soaring through the valley.

Jungle Safari

The tropical jungles of the Terai region in southern Nepal are rich with diverse wildlife. Embark on a jeep safari in renowned parks such as Chitwan National Park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve, and Bardia National Park to encounter the region’s exotic species.

Bungee Jumping

Experience the thrill of bungee jumping at Nepal’s first site, located over the Bhotekoshi River, which marks the boundary between the Sindhupalchok and Dolakha districts. Just a three-hour drive from Kathmandu, this 160m jump is an exhilarating challenge for adrenaline seekers.

Nepal’s Adventure Tour is an invitation to immerse oneself in the natural beauty and thrilling experiences that this country has to offer, making it an unforgettable journey for adventure enthusiasts.

Discover Nepal Tour

Nepal, the cradle of towering Himalayas, boasts majestic mountains, a tapestry of vibrant cultures, an array of exotic wildlife in its national parks, and unique landscapes.

The Discover Nepal Tour is an ideal itinerary that showcases the nation’s key attractions.

This tour focuses on major urban centers, with Kathmandu, the temple-laden capital, at its heart. Famous for its pagoda-style temples and royal palaces, Kathmandu (1338m) is a historical treasure trove, home to three ancient royal palaces constructed during the Malla dynasty.

Kathmandu, often referred to as the City of Temples, is dotted with sacred sites at every turn. Among them, Pashupatinath stands out as Nepal’s most revered pagoda temple, attracting thousands of pilgrims and tourists annually.

Nagarkot, a hilltop retreat, offers mesmerizing sunrises over the Himalayas, including views of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Gauri Shankar, and even Mt. Everest on the horizon. The Discover Nepal Tour also leads to Chitwan National Park, a prime destination for experiencing jungle safaris by jeep, walking tours in Tharu villages, and cultural performances, with the possibility of encountering the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhino.

Lumbini (150m), the birthplace of Lord Buddha, ranks among the world’s most sacred Buddhist sites. The journey continues from Lumbini to Pokhara via Palpa, with the stunning Rani Mahal, built by Governor Khadga Samsher Rana in memory of his late wife Tej Kumari, serving as a key highlight.

Pokhara (827m), a city beloved by both domestic and international tourists, is known as the City of Lakes for its three major lakes, with Phewa Lake being the most popular. Paragliding over these serene waters offers an unparalleled experience.

Hindu Pilgrim Tour

Nestled within its landlocked borders, Nepal boasts a rich tapestry of topographical diversity. Across its varied terrain, diverse communities uphold unique practices of religion, lifestyle, language, culture, and tradition.

With over eighty percent of its populace adhering to Hinduism, Nepal stands as a bastion of Hindu faith. Renowned worldwide, the country’s abundance of temples and Hindu shrines, particularly in its capital city Kathmandu, has earned it the moniker “City of Temples.” A pilgrimage tour through Nepal offers a profound exploration of Hinduism’s sacred sites, including the revered Pashupatinath Temple, nestled along the banks of the holy Bagmati River.

Among the most revered temples is Muktinath, situated in Mustang district. This sacred site draws Hindu pilgrims from far and wide, with trekkers descending upon it after traversing the challenging Thorong La pass. Notably, in 2018, the Indian Prime Minister paid homage to this revered temple. Likewise, the Manakamana Temple in Gorkha district, dedicated to the Goddess, holds deep spiritual significance, with devotees believing that prayers offered here fulfill their deepest desires.

As the world’s oldest living religion, Hinduism finds its most fervent practitioners in Nepal and India. Unlike other faiths, Hinduism lacks a single founder or scriptural authority. Instead, its rich tapestry is woven with the teachings of numerous revered figures who imparted diverse philosophies and authored spiritual texts. With its roots tracing back through millennia, Hinduism’s teachings continue to resonate in modern times, providing profound insights into the human condition. According to Hindu mythology, humanity has traversed through three epochs, or Yugas, with the present era being the Kali Yuga.

Central to Hindu belief is the concept of reincarnation, driven by the immutable law of Karma. This Sanskrit term denotes the consequences of one’s actions, whether virtuous acts aligned with Dharma or transgressions against it. Thus, embarking on a Hindu pilgrim tour is a spiritual odyssey, encompassing a journey to the heart of Hinduism’s most sacred shrines.


Kathmandu Day Tour

Kathmandu Day Tour: A Cultural Feast in the Heart of Nepal

For those with limited time yet a deep desire to absorb the rich cultural tapestry of Nepal, a Kathmandu Day Tour provides an immersive journey through the capital city’s historic sites, temples, and vibrant streets. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a day filled with cultural exploration:

Morning Exploration: Start your day early with a visit to Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple. Perched atop a hill, this iconic stupa offers panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley. Absorb the spiritual ambiance, observe the resident monkeys, and spin the prayer wheels.

Patan Durbar Square: Head to the ancient city of Patan and explore its Durbar Square. Marvel at the intricate Newari architecture, visit the Hiranya Varna Mahavihar (Golden Temple), and discover the Patan Museum, home to an impressive collection of traditional art.

Pashupatinath Temple: After lunch, make your way to Pashupatinath Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the holiest Hindu shrines. Observe the rituals along the Bagmati River and explore the temple complex dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Boudhanath Stupa: Proceed to Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest stupas in Nepal and a significant pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Experience the spiritual energy as you circumambulate the stupa, observing monks and devotees in prayer.

Evening at Kathmandu Durbar Square: Conclude your day at Kathmandu Durbar Square, the historic heart of the city. Explore the intricately carved Hanuman Dhoka Palace, visit Kumari Ghar to catch a glimpse of the living goddess Kumari, and wander through the bustling market square.

This Kathmandu Day Tour offers a blend of spirituality, history, and vibrant street life. Tailor the itinerary based on personal interests, and feel free to delve deeper into specific sites or explore additional cultural gems in the city. With its ancient heritage and living traditions, Kathmandu promises a captivating day of cultural discovery.