Tourism in Nepal

September 28, 2014

Tourism in Nepal for sustainable development

Most tourism associations have their own constituency and objectives, and some are in direct competition with other similar associations. Therefore, the danger of varying standards of conduct or business practices can easily occur, to the detriment of tourists and customers. Inconsistent quality standards for association members apply to service, safety and quality – and where the associations are responsible for adventure sports of hazardous activities, there is a need to ensure that standards of safety and security are applied.  

There is a need for an agreed Code of Practice (incorporating code of conduct) for service standards across the tourism sector. This has partly been done by some associations (e.g. The Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) has taken the initiative to develop a Code of Conduct for Responsible Trekking Operations in Nepal), but there should be some common standards on hygiene, safety and security, as well as ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainable tourism business.   
Tourism entrepreneurs of Pokhara have introduced a Code of Conduct for thirteen different sectors in Pokhara to make the tourism sector more organised and professional. This is an example that should be replicated throughout the country. 

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